Lab - Creating a Disk Image File

Lab Scenario

You have just recovered a hard drive from a criminal, you know the drive contains evidence vital to the case so before you begin the investigation process you must make a disk image file of the drive to ensure the contents are not lost.

Lab Objectives

Learn how to create a Disk Image File of a Hard Disk Partition using R-Drive Image.

Lab Environment

Windows 10

Lab Duration

Time: 20 Minutes

Lab Information

Starting Screen

The first screen that comes up is the 'Trial Period' screen, at this screen click 'Next'.

Action Selection

On the Action Selection screen select the first option 'Create an Image' then click 'Next'.



Partition Selection

This screen is when you select which drive you would like to partition. Once you have selected the drive click 'Next'.

Image Destination

This is when you choose where to save the image that you are creating. Once the destination is chosen click 'Next'. For this lab I chose the Desktop.

Image Options

On this screen leave all the settings at the defaults then click 'Next'.

Backup Options

On this screen leave all settings at default then click 'Next'.


This screen has all the information for the drive image, click 'Start' to begin the imaging process. Once the process has started a 'Progress' box will show up on the bottom.